<![CDATA[Louie's World - The Vegan Beauty Blog]]>Sat, 16 Jan 2016 10:10:32 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Must-Haves For Dry Skin]]>Sun, 10 Jan 2016 16:17:13 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/must-haves-for-dry-skinHey, guys! This is the first post since I made this site about vegan beauty and makeup! I have not deleted old posts, so you can still find them. But please note that older posts include products that are not cruelty free or vegan.

So today I want to share with you how I save my skin. Many of you know that I suffer from very dry skin, irritation, rashes etc. and my body is full of scars because of that. That's why I'm so happy that I've found something that helps with all that!

First a little disclaimer: I work at LUSH. I know I mention a lot of LUSH products, but that is not because I work there. I have loved these products for years, which is why I work there (not the other way around). But anyway, lets get started!

How to save your skin:

The fist step is to use a gentle and moisturizing shower cream. Avoid harsh ingredients that dry out your skin.

The second step, which is the one that has made the biggest difference for me, is to moisturize in the shower. Basically, after showering, but BEFORE you wrap that towel around you, give your skin some moisture. When we wash our natural oils away, the skin is left with no barrier against the environment. It is very important to give some moisture back. My two favorite products for this purpose are Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and King of Skin both from LUSH. But you can simply use coconut oil or even baby oil. 

​The last step is ... drum roll... yes, you guessed it: BODY LOTION! If you feel that the previous step is enough, simply skip this. Again, make sure you are using good products. My favorite is Dream Cream from LUSH. It is cooling and soothing on the skin, and even helps to calm down my rashes. 

And there you go! All the moisture in the world for your skin. You probably don't need this much. Sometimes a good body lotion is enough. 

All products mentioned are vegan and cruelty free, of course!

Love you guys, thanks for reading.

- L 

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<![CDATA[How To Look Good Without Makeup]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 11:07:05 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/how-to-look-good-without-makeup

Most days I don't wear makeup. But I still like to do a few things to feel confident. Here are some tips and tricks, and maybe you'll feel comfortable without makeup as well.

Tweez those bad boys away

I like a clean and tidy brow. I feel very undone if my brows haven't been tweezed. Careful not to pluck too much! Tweez only the hairs outside the natural shape of your brows.

Curl them lashes

Curling your lashes makes them appear longer and gives you that Bambi effect. Maybe you can even skip mascara! I never wear mascara, I think it's really uncomfortable and I feel like I can't rub my eyes. I like rubbing my eyes, ok?!

Multi functional cream

If you have Elizabeth Aarden's Eight Hour Cream (or you could just use Vaseline), you already know it's many uses. Put it on the top of your cheek bones for a natural looking highlight, on your lips for extra moisture and gloss, or you could even use it on your brows to set the hairs in place (the last one is a very well know makeup artist trick).

And there you go! I think everybody should feel good without that layer of makeup. Just be you, the real you, and feel good about it! You are unique and beautiful in your own way.

Love always <3


<![CDATA[Full And Plump Lips! 3 Easy Steps!]]>Wed, 03 Jun 2015 18:49:43 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/full-and-plump-lips-3-easy-steps

Are you jealous of Kylie Jenner's lips? Fear not! Here's how you can achieve full and plump lips in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: exfoliate

Use a lip scrub (or you can make your own easily at home, click on the link to see how:http://louiesworld.weebly.com/2/post/2014/08/makeup-sunday-diy-home-spa-face-mask-lip-scrub-hair-mask.html ) and scrub those dead skin cells off. Careful not to scrub to hard!

Step 2: use an eye gel

Yes, I know this sounds weird.. But it actually works! It's meant to plump the under eye area to make it seem less wrinkly and to make bags less visible. It works on the lips as well. If you do have a lip plumper, use that. But if you don't, an eye gel will do the trick! I use the one from La Roches Posay.

Step 3: moisture!

After all the scrubbing and plumping, apply a very moisturizing lip balm. I love this one from Nuxe! It's matte as well, so if you want to wear a matte lipstick on top, you can totally do it with this lipbalm underneath.

And that's all folks! Hope you find this helpful. Thank you so much for reading.


<![CDATA[Giving All This AwAy!]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 14:53:14 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/giving-all-this-awayHey gals! I'm giving all of the stuff in the pictures away. Let me know if you want any of it, or else I'll be throwing it away. 
<![CDATA[Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion]]>Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19:41:16 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/review-clinique-dramatically-different-lotionIt is time for another review! This time it's all about the Clinique "dramatically different moisturizing gel" and "the dramatically different lotion +".

Remember that products that work for me, don't necessarily work for you. Cosmetics are very personal, so keep in mind that I can only review products based on my skin. 

I have combination/dry, very acne prone skin with an oily t-zone. When I apply these lotions, they sting. They are not moisturizing enough for my skin, and they caused breakouts. I have given them many chances, but these are just not made for my skin.

They contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol and mineral oil, and yes; they are animal tested. All in all these are a complete miss for me, but I know a lot of people use them and love them.

It is not fun to write bad reviews, but if I only told you about the good stuff... Well, that would be a job half done.

Thank you so much for reading,


<![CDATA[January Favorites]]>Sun, 01 Feb 2015 10:20:29 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/january-favorites

Hey beauties! January is over, and it's time for my January Favorites. These have been my favorite and most used products of the month.

Lush new charity pot and dreamwash

You guys already know how much I love lush products. I've been struggling with dry skin these past winter months. Their Dreamwash is perfect for washing the skin without drying it out. It adds a little moisture as well. But I still need additional moisture after the shower, and that's where the charity pot comes in. I love this hand and body conditioner, it smells absolutely delicious! My skin is doing much better after these guys came in to my life!  

The body shop vitamin E sink in moisture mask

Dry winter skin? Not anymore! This baby has saved my face so many times. You can use it as a mask for quick moisture, or you can even leave it over night! My skin feels soft and plump. By the way, I have combination skin. Very dry, acne prone, and an oily t-zone. I'm happy to say that this did not cause any breakouts! But it can sting a bit on the driest places on my face, but that goes away.

MAC lash curler

I can't go a day without curling my lashes. It makes such a difference! Even on days I don't wear makeup, I still curl my lashes. I don't use mascara very often, because my lashes are naturally dark and long. But this baby makes them look smashing! Love it!

BareMinerals original foundation

It's been a while since I've used mineral makeup. I had forgotten how well it suits my skin. I've heard people say that acne prone people should stay away from mineral makeup, but I've never noticed any acne after my bareminerals foundation. It makes my skin look healthy and flawless, and it takes the smallest amount of product to make that happen. If I am wearing makeup to school (which is not everyday...), this is what I'm wearing.

Inglot eyeshadows

I'm in love with inglot. Their shadows are smooth and very easy to work with! I use them on myself and when I'm doing other people's makeup. I just love them so much! I'm definitely going to buy more of these.

PS! Out of all the brands mentioned above, mac is the only one that is not animal friendly. I am trying to only use animal friendly brands, so I will be letting you know what is and what's not animal tested on each post. 

And that is it! If you have something you want me to review or write about, let me know in the comment section below!

Buckets of kisses,


<![CDATA[TheBalm Mary-, Cindy- & Betty-Lou Manizer]]>Sun, 18 Jan 2015 10:50:09 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/thebalm-mary-cindy-betty-lou-manizerIt's Makeup Sunday! Today I thought I'd share my new obsession with these TheBalm Lou Manizers. 

These are all extremely pigmented, so you have to be really careful not to apply too much. I find that a stippling brush works the best with these. Mary is a classic champagne colored highlighter (although it can be used as an eyeshadow as well), Cindy is a nice blush, and Betty gives a nice bronzed glow (can also be used as an eyeshadow).

It's no secret that I love all three of them! I wear Cindy almost everyday to get a glowy, yet not glittery blush. And I ain't going to a party without some Mary on my cheek bones! I love putting Betty in the crease and in the hollows of my cheeks as well.

Here are some swatches with and without flash:

I could probably talk about these babies forever, so I'm just gonna stop here!

Wish you all a happy Sunday, and I'll see you soon for more reviews, tips and tricks!


<![CDATA[HÃ¥rkatastrofe! Trondheims Beste Frisørsalong]]>Mon, 12 Jan 2015 20:07:28 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/harkatastrofe-trondheims-beste-frisrsalongJeg var nylig hos en frisør for å fikse etterveksten etter min tidligere omré. Resultatet var det verste jeg noen gang har sett, og det var et eneste mareritt! I dag tok jeg turen innom Blow hairdressing i nordre gate for å rette opp i katastrofen. Bildene viser før og etter:

Den herlige friøsen gjorde en hel masse med håret mitt, og til slutt fikk vi det resultatet jeg ville ha til å begynne med. Ta turen innom Blow, og vis Silje Jonassen litt kjærlighet! For en fantastisk jobb!


Jeg har også 3 vervekort å gi bort, tar du med dette får du en gratis hårkur med massasje ved farge/klipp. Førstemann til mølla. (Husk å si at du fikk det av meg).

Desverre går "Trondheims verste frisørsalong"- prisen til Frisør Jacobsen på solsiden, som ga meg tidenes største hårkatastrofe. Der tar jeg aldri turen innom igjen.

Hvis noe slikt skjer med deg, enten du har farget det selv hjemme eller hos frisør, IKKE prøv å rette opp i det selv. Det kan gjøre vondt verre, ødelegge håret enda mer, og det kan bli enda dyrere å rette opp. Ta turen innom en frisør, og få dem til å rette det opp. 

Buckets of kisses :-*


<![CDATA[Omtale Tone Lise Akademiet TL Design Neglelakk]]>Wed, 07 Jan 2015 08:38:40 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/omtale-tone-lise-akademiet-tl-design-neglelakkSponset av Tone Lise Akademiet

Jeg har blitt sponset med to neglelakker fra Tone Lise Akademiet, og har satt de på prøve! Jeg kommer likevel til å være ærlig, men husk at produkter som funker for meg ikke nødvendigvis funker for deg! :)

Jeg har mottatt to TL Design neglelakker, i fargene China (rød) og Norway (hvit). I testen min brukte jeg hverken base eller top coat. Jeg ville se hvordan de klarte seg på egenhånd. Jeg ser også på hvor enkle de er å påføre, hvor fort de tørker, hvor mange dager de varer uten å sprekke opp, og hvor enkelt de lar seg fjerne.

De fås kjøpt på http://www.toneliseakademiet.no

På flaskene står det: "A fast drying high gloss nail laquer with hardener".

Jeg påførte to lag. Jeg merket definitivt at de tørket fort, og neglene mine virket faktisk hardere. Neglelakken i seg selv er litt tykk i konsistensen, som gjorde det litt vanskelig å få en jevn påføring av den hvite fargen (Norway). De er dessuten også veldig glossy. Jeg synes den røde fargen var enklere å påføre, mens det var litt vanskelig å skjule penselstrøkene på den hvite. 

Bildene viser resultatet rett etter påføring. 
Etter to dager begynte den å sprekke opp. Men husk at jeg hverken har brukt base eller top coat. Med disse ville den vart enda lenger. Den var heller ikke så vanskelig å fjerne (jeg brukte vanlig neglelakkfjerner).

Alt i alt er jeg ganske fornøyd med disse, spesielt den røde fargen (china). Prisen er forresten 99,- per stk, så ikke så ille. TL Design neglelakk fra Tone Lise Akademiet er altså: passe hot!


<![CDATA[Review: LA Girl Pro Conceal]]>Mon, 29 Dec 2014 12:23:52 GMThttp://louiesworld.weebly.com/the-vegan-beauty-blog/review-la-girl-pro-conceal

It's time for yet another review! I love reviewing products.

This time it's all about the LA Girl Pro Conceal. This is a famous concealer among beauty channels on YouTube, and the price tag on this thing is almost nothing. But there's more to this concealer than it's price!

You can buy this on most American websites. I got mine of morphebrushes.com.

I have the color "classic ivory", which is the lightest shade. It has a pink undertone, which makes it perfect for covering dark circles under the eyes. I mainly use it under my eyes, but sometimes as a highlight as well. The concealer lasts for a good amount of time, and I do not experience any creasing or fading.

It has a very light consistency, but it tends to get hard in lower temperatures (but that is to be expected with any concealer).

All in all, I would definitely recommend this concealer. And for that price, you can't go wrong.

Big thumbs up!